Crisis Center

Rumfish Rocks!

Midlife Crisis broke in the stage at Rumfish Grille on Sunday, September 1, 2013 at a special benefit concert for Ella Rose. This vibrant 5 year old little girl has been affected with a heart defect and the band threw their support towards helping her family raise funds for Children’s Hospital to help her and other children who suffer from heart defects.  It was a beautiful night and the band rocked the stage in this awesome new venue. Check it out soon!  

The 5th Time’s a Charm

The 5th Annual Summer Festival for the Spina Bifida Association of Western PA was another raging success.  Fans were a little shocked to see Midlife Crisis take the stage first but dont be alarmed that their popularity is not waning.  They had a non-band gig to get to so they graciously let the Jeffe boys headline this years event.  Before the concert began, we found out that Doug Caye is not just a singer and the Rockin’ Realtor, but also a humanitarian who was surprised with the Chairman’s Award for his efforts on behalf of SBAWP.  Congrats, Doug!

Bringing Peace Back to the ‘Burgh

The highlight of the summer concert season in Pittsburgh was not Tom Petty, Jimmy Buffet or that bald country singer.  Nope, it was Midlife Crisis headlining the Woodsburgh Summer Festival at Greentree Farm on behalf of the Spina Bifida Association of Western PA. continue reading…

Playing the Role of Guitarist

As a living homage to the greatest TV band ever, Midlife Crisis has adopted a Chris Partridge approach to their guitar player.  As Wikipedia defines it, “when the actor playing a character is replaced with another actor, the role has been Chris Partridged.”

To date we’ve seen the guitarist played by Brian, Paul and now the latest member to come on board is Randy Bauer.

Suit by Day, Rock Star by Night

Even within one of the most conservative companies in the world there are rebels and this one was just waiting for a cause.

Randy Bauer, a senior portfolio manager who manages mutual funds worth millions of dollars for Federated Investors is the latest member to join the revolving door of Midlife Crisis guitar players.

“I’ve been coming to their gigs and practices for years and calculated it would be another 192.7 days before they went through their options and asked me to join. I’m thrilled and a little nervous that they are going to ask me to grow my hair long and wear leather pants.”